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EquityLock Residential's - Fixed Income Mortgage is the Nation's Leading Premier Alternative to the Traditional Reverse Mortgage. EquityLock Residential's - Fixed Income Mortgage allows for a greater return on the Equitable Portion of a Home when compared to the Traditional Reverse Mortgage, and also allows for:

  • More Residential Property Types

  • No Age Restrictions

  • Less Fees & Costs than a Reverse Mortgage

  • Higher Loan to Values

  • Faster Closings

  • and Many More...

Much like the Traditional Reverse Mortgage Program, EquityLock Residential's - Fixed Income Mortgage allows you to access cash based on the value of your home, but at higher Loan-to-Values, without any age restrictions, allowing for a greater return on the equitable portion of your home, and with an ability to own your home free and clear while still receiving a fixed monthly income. 

Unlike with a Reverse Mortgage, upon selling of the home or your passing, you or your beneficiary may choose to continue to receive the monthly income or to receive a single lump sum payment.

Common Uses of Proceeds:

  • For Extra Income each Month

  • Covering Medical Expenses

  • Purchasing Long-Term Care Benefits

  • Establishing Trusts

  • Helping to Financially support Family Members (e.g., grand children’s educations, etc.)

  • Paying off other Loans or Bills

  • Maintaining or Improving Quality of Life

  • Something Special – buying a car, boat or going on a trip

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Mr. Steve Muehler, Founder & Senior Managing Member

Division of Private Placement Markets

1055 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, California 90017

Email: Steve@PPMSecurities.com

Phone: (877) 259-8066

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