Private Placement Markets & Steve Muehler introduce “PPM Homeowners Insurance”

Steve Muehler, Founder and President of Private Placement Markets, announced that the Firm will open its California Homeowners Insurance Private Placement Market in March of 2021.

In conjunction with the opening of Private Placement Markets – Residential Mortgage Loan Brokerage operations scheduled to start in March of 2021, Private Placement Markets will also begin offering a complete set of Homeowners Insurance (and Dwelling Insurance) suite of insurance products in March of 2021 as well.

Steve Muehler stated that “with our Residential Mortgage Loan Brokerage options getting ready to rollout here in the Great State of California, it only made sense to offer a complete package of products and services to take each borrower right from application to closing with one company. Part of the package is a complete Homeowners Insurance Brokerage with multiple carriers that offer vast products and services. With over $9 Billion USD in Homeowners Insurance Policies Premiums paid by California Homeowners in 2019, it only makes sense to add another arrow to our quiver.”

Steve Muehler concluded that all Agent Examinations and Education are complete and the Firm is just waiting on final registrations to be complete before beginning Residential Homeowners Insurance operations in the State of California.

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